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The Dream of Organized Quizbowl

The new generation of high school quizbowl players have had a rough time, with Covid-19 and other complications having led to the decline of in-person tournaments. Noticing this lack of organized tournaments, our mission became bringing back the enjoyment of in-person quizbowl. First it was a dream, then with our movements put in place, we now have the unified league that is the FQBA.

Our Head Organizers

Aryan Pathak is a current Junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School, located in Orlando, and is the president of the FQBA. Having been a lifelong quizbowl player, Aryan aspired for there to be an organized league here in Florida, and after long months of work, his dream came to reality.

Aryan Pathak – President and Founder
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Nick Pruitt is a sophomore at Bates College and is the Director of Outreach of the FQBA. After running quizbowl events across the country for many years, Nick is an expert at organizing and running leagues and tournaments.

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Nick Pruitt – Director of Outreach